three worksheets with the text expressions and guided practice for 7th - 6th grade students
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Expressions Notes & Guided Practice | 7th Grade Math

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Expressions Notes & Guided Practice
This resource packet contains Notes & Guided Practice for a 7th grade math unit on Expressions. It covers CCSS 7.EE.1 and 7.EE.2. Complex standards are broken down into smaller topics. This can be used as an introduction to each of the topics or to wrap up a lesson. This packet can also be used as a reference for students throughout the year.
Each topic has a double page spread: Notes and Guided Practice. There is also space for student Reflection.
Topics Included
-Combining Like Terms
-Distributive Property
-Adding & Subtracting Expressions
-Factoring Expressions
-Equivalent Expressions
Also Included:
-Table of Contents (can be used as a cover page)
-Reflection Prompts
-Sample Pages
TEACHER TIP: Print double-sided with a cover page and staple (or place in a 3-pronged folder) to create a student notebook...notes on the left and practice on the right.
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