The sequel to A Court of Pain & Feels. Includes angry rants, ridiculo… #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad

A Court of Baes & Feels

A Court of mist and fury-Sarah J Mass

A Court of Mist and Fury/Heir of Fire -Sarah J Mass.

City of Glass, love this quote

I LOVE Magnus Bane. I must have put the book down and laughed for far longer than I should have at this part!<<<Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, Magnus Bane the High Warlock of Brookland

This is great- until I think about the end of the last book

When I first saw it I thought it said "Bastard," but this works too

I like him but he's so stupid, I hate him for summoning Maeve ugh

I like him but he's so stupid, I hate him for summoning Maeve ugh <<< I still love him cause he was doing it for Elide, I think they are Mates. I hope Elide finds a way to forgive him.

Lolol so true it's not, not funny

Feysand Rowaelin memes

It says it in the title I do not own Throne of Glass or A Court of Thorns and Roses, our lovely, yet terrifying Sarah J Maas owns it all!

yes, this pretty much sums them, and talking about Aelin and Manon being besties taking over the world... who wouldn't love to read about it? I'm starting to hope after ToG series Sarah writes another one about Aelin, taking place in alternative world, and then another...

YES, omfg imagine them like buying dresses and slitting throats together! Ahhh, imagine Manon and Aelin just causing mass destruction together and like being besties but then like trying to kill each other in an epic battle