art journal inspiration - previously pinned "mywreckthisjourney: “Hide a secret message somewhere in this book…none of these envelopes has the secret message inside :).

Sıradan hediyelerden sıkılıp ilginç yılbaşı hediyeleri fikirlerine ihtiyaç duyanlar için hazırladığımız bu hediyeleri çok seveceksiniz.

“ Scallop shell artist’s book that I made filled with scans of collected seashells from Florida.

Wreck This Journal - "Figure out a way to attach these two pages" - Red String of Fate connects many

Red String of Fate-- Journal Idea <><><> I love this idea! I've always been intrigued by the red string of fate.

Morning ❤️// artist: @tahoorahashmi

Morning ❤️// artist: @tahoorahashmi

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I like this better then actually dripping tea on the page. Or maybe staining the page with tea first before putting the tea strings on it.