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Annabeth really have to be greedy for the ring? Lol's

one of many awesome percabeth proposals.<<<<I have thrown an apple at a girl in Greece. Do I hear wedding bells?

That's exactly what I said when I read that. Throwing Wonder Bread isn't going to get a half-dead guy to move faster, Percy -_- <I thought the same thing.

XD [out of characters meant to be funny because didn't when NICO confessed Annabeth nodded approvingly glad that he came out or something ]

But at one point Percy yelled"Oh for the love of Hades go to OLYMPUS!" Athena and Poseidon said"Fine" and they left in their 2 meters long form. As people where staring at them.

Yeah, I have never even tried to deny the fact that EVERYONE IN THIS FANDOM likes Percy so much, but Percabeth is amazing

↑ THIS ↑ is truer than true. I am SO in love with Percy, but I can't help but adoooooorre Percabeth!<<<yea but I ship percabeth too hard

This is so funny. Percy saying "I speak horse and fish." That's funny, or so I think. It's actually true that he can speak horse AND fish!