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tbh this seems accurate XD GUYS JUST LET SOLANGELO HAPPEN STOP BOTHERING THEM!!! Edit: Percy: nahp you guys didnt leave me and Annabeth alone so this is payback ttyl

Some solangelo stuff. Other ships will be incl… Fanfiction for the gods sake! percy bro why don't you leave them alone for a second?

That will b me tbh<<<this is me tbh

Just a bunch of cool Magnus Chase one-shots because my readers wanted… Fanfiction

Oh. My. God. I just cried

And Will starts crying too because he's never seen Nico like this and he's sitting with Nico in his lap and Nico's crying into his shoulder and Will stroking his hair and they fall asleep there

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Solangelo is the most precious thing on this planet and must be protected at all costs.

Ohhhh.... I remember that kid... Does anyone else? Short, brunette, ended up being a legacy of iris and Dad...

I remember that kid. Short, brunette, ended up being a legacy of iris and Dad.<<< No cus I'm in the Poseidon Cabin 😉

A Solangelo headcanon of mine...

A Solangelo headcanon of mine. you cant really read part of it its chopped off

This sums up the whole series

Annabeth: He is like a fish, you always have to feed him and worry about him dying all the time.