This is sad but it would never happen... because I won't ever break up with him

This is sad but it would never happen. because I won't ever break up with him

True in so many levels…did he really!!!!!:D

I am in a very fragile state right nowicantevenjdosbsodvsodbdgsksb<<< I don't think I wanna die anymore Dunican Dunican Dunican Horan<<< ahhhhhhh<< I'm dead don't touch me I can't do this.

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In the terrible aftermath of hurricane Nialljustgothackedbyarandompersonfornogoodreason, I hope this makes you guys laugh! the fact thay mike tomlin the steelers coach is in this makes it thats much better.

Literally the only thing stopping us from getting married is the fact that we haven't met yet

We haven't met yet. And he haven't met a fan he is interested in. Hm, probably and accident, yeah, yeah.

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One day he's going to get a girlfriend and were going to like re read these and be all butt hurt cuz we got our hopes up so high<<< but we'll still be happy for him. not so happy for ourselves but happy for him :)