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Dressed Warm Snowlady Christmas Ornament - Clothespin, Felt
New in 2015, our ice skaters are our most elaborate clothespin ornaments yet. With their back leg at an angle and tiny safety pins imbedded into the bottom to form skate blades, the original clothespin is barely recognizable. We started with a little inspiration from vintage skating photos and updated them with a little imagination. Theyve become popular for a unique, subtle first Christmas ornament.  Our skating lady wears a wool plaid gathered skirt with wool felt coat and hood. Her scarf…
Dressed Warm Snowlady Christmas Ornament by ModerationCorner
Dressed Warm Snowlady Christmas Ornament by ModerationCorner
Angel Christmas Ornament  Winter Angel by ModerationCorner on Etsy, $11.50
Christmas Ornament  Chistmas Fairy Clothespin by ModerationCorner-Cousins to our woodland faeries, these Christmas sprites are similarly created from a clothespin, wood ball, pipe cleaner and wool felt. Butterfly-like wings are made from stiffened wool felt with A loop of heavy embroidery thread serves as the hanger.   Each fairy is dressed as shown - with a gown of textured green and dark red. Her hair is auburn alpaca fiber from a farm on the west coast. A wreath of greenery ...
Sledding Christmas Ornament - Clothespin, Felt, Head First Slider - Snow Day #2
One of our newest Santa designs, our highlander wears a kilt and sash of plaid wool. He even has a tiny sporran attached to the front of his
Elf Christmas Ornament, Clothespin - Olive Green