Maehwa by Magdalena Pagowska

maehwa by len-yan female dark elf drow tiefling dryad druid sorceress witch staff plum blossom clothes clothing fashion player character npc

by snod | Knights and Armor.

During the Eternity Wars, some of the angels were transformed into stone guardians scattered across the battlefield. They have waited long, seemingly in vain.They need not wait for much longer.

Female archangel warrior with golden armor

If we destroy their oil refineries, we eliminate their capacity to continue funding and therefore waging war.


"He spun from the shadows, a nightmare wraith, slung on the back of the demon horse that grinned with obsidian teeth."- writing from previous pinner I think

Lady Of Darkness and Despair

Fantasy CG : 80 Fantastic Artworks - I really appreciate the work of these brilliant designers who have created these art wonders by their hard work,