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I've figured it out Missy, you have a honey badger on your hands!

Probably nicer than my feral cat analogy.

#HufflepuffPride Anyone know the original artist?

HufflepuffPride Anyone know the original artist?

Liz Climo

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Little Friends - Fox & Badger

baby badger and fox. Foxy and Badger!

Badgers #mayallbeingsknowpeace

Badgers #mayallbeingsknowpeace

Just don't give a damn - Imgur

Just don't give a damn

Just don't give a fuck- My Honey Badgers 😘

pinterest : @sadghostlee

I'm just a cute little badger 😍😍😍

Go Badgers!!I've gotta make these!

Badger Pretzels - Go Bucky!

First Badger sightings 2 in one week Get your golf equipment at Golf USA.

Photograph Badger head on by KeithK on

Make this Ravenclaw and I love the previous poster's idea of putting my patronus in the 'smoke'

Watercolor badger wearing a Hufflepuff scarf!

AAC’s MPW “Honey Badger”.

AAC`s "Honey Badger" - Blackout 220 grain subsonic) Me: - this could be a find project. I like the SCAR style stock and the handguard.

Amuru Toys - badger                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Amuru Toys - badger More:

"Backstage Badger Hey, do you have any tape?, Gaff, Masking, Duct, Spike, Mic, Fabric, Double Sided, or Scotch." What about glow?

Backstage Badger (theatre techies) *cough* Cody Gerszewski *cough* Servant of…

Honey Badger: champagne, st germaine, honey syrup, and orange slice

Newman- Seriously, a Honey badger drink! champagne, st Germaine, honey syrup, and orange slice

coughSONJAcough. Sonja, you are amazing and wonderful and you are my role model and I'm really sad you're not in our theatre anymore!

Submitted by medician Official Backstage Badger Shirt Information Here! Badger’s winter sale is happening now! All long sleeve shirts are off! (No promo code needed!