Their faces! Sebastian Stan & Chris Evans

Sebastian talking about the struggle of getting his metal arm on and Chris not being able to take it.

never not repinning this lol

Bucky Vs Sebastian Bucky is this tortured hardened assassin and Sebastian over here is just a fucking cupcake. He's the cutest thing on earth. Where can I buy Sebastian Stan?

Chris Evans called Bucky Cap's nugget lol

Chris Evans called Bucky Cap's nugget lol

Tumblr Marvel #4

Tumblr Marvel #4

Hawkeye, Loki and iron man's are simply the best just for the caw caw motherfucker, ehehe Loki'd and iron man would build you a library!

Chris Evans embarrassed by his brother Scott at the London Premiere.

Chris Evans embarrassed by his brother Scott at the London Premiere.Interviewer: How proud are you of your brother? Just barely actually. The things he was doing before 10 years old are way better than what he’s doing now… --> Evans bros

i did have this in humor, but let's be honest, its too accurate

Then Basken Robins finds out cause "Basken Robins always finds out." - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!


avengers, marvel, chrisevans, chrishemsworth, sebastianstan In this. I am Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan(:

A: You could be the spring soldier right now. S: I think I'm the stoned soldier at this point.

Can I be Mrs. Professional Meatball?

Chris Evans: Professional meatball and Sebastian Stan: Human disaster <<< whoever did that, bless you

Not to mention incredibly handsome!!!!

Funny pictures about Marvel villains. Oh, and cool pics about Marvel villains. Also, Marvel villains.