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RWBY: Badass Raven

Anime picture with rwby raven branwen long hair single looking at viewer highres black hair red eyes fringe sitting absurdres holding ahoge bent knee (knees) pleated skirt hair between eyes zettai ryouiki black wavy hair


RWBY: Image Gallery

This is one of the most epic RWBY prints I've ever seen!

takenisketch: “ Ⅳ ”

7 This is my favorite anime character. Her name is Ruby Rose and she is from RWBY.

RWBY, Ruby Rose

RWBY日本語版観てきました〜。 みんな可愛いし、戦闘シーン爽快! すっごく楽しかったです


Yang Xiao Long, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna