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These could be gorgeous centerpieces! And when the wedding's over, I could sew them together and make a pretty bedspread or something. @Leslie Karpen, @Melanie Priebe

hang a blown up balloon from a string. dip lace doilies in wallpaper glue and wrap on balloon. once they're dry, pop the balloon and add tea light candle--------great wedding idea

Love the sequins floating in the jar! Taking crafty to a whole new level.

DIY sequin flower vase :) All you have to do to is sprinkle some sequins into the bottom of the vase before you fill it with water. And after you arrange the flowers, the stems will disperse the sequins to give your vase just the right amount of glitz

Blow up balloon, glue lace doily around it, dry, deflate balloon, and you have a bowl

DIY lace doily candle holder: Soak cloth doilies in sugar starch, then form around a balloon. Once starch dries, pop balloon to get a romantic tea light holder

Thread balls topped with flowers

so simple, yet so pretty. wrap string around a balloon, cover with fabric stiffener, let dry then pop balloon

easy to make lace globes. Hang small ones over a string of lights - beautiful

Fun Idea: Lace doilies are gorgeous, and can be turned into a pretty, papier-mâché doily globe lantern using glue and a balloon.

Glitter Dipped Jar Vases

50 Brilliantly Decorative Mason Jar Home Decorating Projects

Glitter Vase DIY for vases to use wet and dry. ~ Mary Wald's Place - DIY glitter vases from The Sweetest Occasion

yes! and I can make it with a home made fabric stiffener!

String Pendant Lamp

Lace lamp shade Pattern: My own, combination of different small lace doilies sewn together to form a sphere, then starched to shape with sugar water. Time to hit the thrift store for doilies

Paper mache doily lanterns? Yes please!

doilies are cool again

Lace lamp/Doily lamp: Use wallpaper glue and stick doilies on to a balloon, let dry, then burst the balloon, and insert a cold lamp!

so cool- two round glasses fill in between with dyed water

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Fire & Water Centerpiece - 2 glass vases, tinted water & candle via martha stewart. This illuminating centerpiece can be created by placing a glass vase inside another that is slightly larger, and filled with tinted water.

Lace very pretty

Wedding- DIY cheap and easy Wedding table decoration, sheer lace wrapped around a plain glass candle holder and vase.Can be used for wedding centerpieces or aisle decor.