I went thorough 12 pack in 4 days! Even after having the "talk" of my expectations of how to take care of glues!

May the data be ever in your favor. Data teams and standardized test humor. - Teacher humor. Teacher meme.

How Girls Study for Finals

Teachers with a sense of humor. gruntman gruntman Humphries Elliott Elliott Campbell Merry Merry Coats B B Hale issues Wilke Stone Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Bentzel

Don't call on me professor

A teacher's face when. he calls on a student to share in the meaningful discussion and the student asks "what time is lunch?" Or asks "Can I use the bathroom?

Community: 25 Things Only Teachers Will Understand

Community Post: 25 Things Only Teachers Will Understand

There& no doubt that teaching is one of the hardest jobs around. From managing a roomful of students to solving problems not always on the lesson plan, teachers are our superheroes. Here are a few images that help sum up your week. (: by Clara Galán

hang in there teach, you're doing great!

Every teacher has at some point crawled to their car dragging their shatter psyche behind them. Remember, that which does not kill you , only makes you wiser and stronger.

Teacher truth!

Thanks kasich - fucking asshole. I'll be a much better teacher spending my free time working without pay at your fucking externship instead of earning money to pay back my student loans.