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Pretty words

Love this quote for our bedroom.so true! "The best part of the day is when you and me become we" -A. Milne Would make a great hoopla for the bedroom

#Antique #Victorian #Amethyst #Diamond   Mourning Jewelry

#Antique #Victorian #Amethyst #Diamond Mourning Jewelry

Sexist and homophobic words are violent and they're everybody's problem.

Funny "Backbone Zone" Campaign Teaches Students Not to Use Sexist and Homophobic Language

Le Sfumature dei Cristalli e Gemme. Splende.

Gems & stones rainbow 1 - names and colors by Nina Fontana…

Slavery 2.0: The Child Sex Trade in America – Earthly Mission

Slavery of all kinds has gone on for years. Child Sex Trafficking In America- Children forced to have sex times per day. Of course pornography is what has created the demand for so many child sex slaves.