Navy, Periwinkle, Mist, Ice Blue, White, Marine Blue, Silver Metallic Radiant peacocks display their stunning tail feathers as they wander among stylized jewel toned blossoms, all sparkling with a silver metallic etching. This extravagant collection centers around the iridescent plumage of the beloved peacock that reaches across cultures, myths, and history to bring us a timeless and lasting beauty. Peacocks are about 13", with silver metallic, from the 'Plume' collection by Timeless…

Peacocks are about with silver metallic, from the 'Plume' collection by Timeless Treasur.

Laura Wheeler Designs 683 & 978 — Peacock Wall Hangings – Q is for Quilter


Laura Wheeler Design 1975 — Peacock Wall Hanging – Q is for Quilter

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Laura Wheeler Design 7107 — Peacocks – Q is for Quilter

This is the second peacock transfer in the Ethel E. Hughes series (the previous design is here). The peacocks on this sheet were designed for use on towels, pillowcases, cloths, scarfs and pillows.