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EKDuncan - My Fanciful Muse: 1780-1782 French Fashion Plates

I have a lovely assortment of French fashion plates from the years for today's post and a new digital scene depicting one of t.

EKDuncan - My Fanciful Muse: Fancy French Fashions and Costumes from the 1770's

Galerie des Modes, Cahier, Figure Dress of Rosine in the Barber of Seville; costume invented for the theater of the City of Lyon in 1775 by P. Sarrazin, Costumer to Their Royal Highnesses the Princes, Brothers of the King.

1776 French Fashion Plate - Style: Cirassienne

EKDuncan - My Fanciful Muse: French Fashion Plate in the Style of Marie Antoinette

A Most Beguiling Accomplishment: Galerie des Modes, 11e Cahier, 2e Figure (1778). Caption & long description translated by @Cassidy. "Middle class woman in a striped Satin Gown with a furred pelisse and a white muff... The pelisse is a type of winter overcoat that Ladies throw on their shoulders to protect themselves against the rigors of the season. There are two types, the plain and the furred. The former are worn by the unimportant middle class; the latter, of higher quality, are…

Galerie des Modes, Cahier, Figure Middle class woman in a striped Satin Gown with a furred pelisse and a white muff.

Fashion in the Reign of Louis XVI., 1780 to 1789. | Costumes and ...

Galerie des Modes, Cahier, Figure Young Lady of Quality in full Dress, topped with an elegant pouf cap called "the Victory cap".

EKDuncan - My Fanciful Muse: Fashion for Men during the time of Marie Antoinette; 1781

Gentleman in green coat, plate from 'Galeries des Modes et Costumes Francais', (coloured engraving)

Marie Antoinette - from "Collection d'habillements Modernes et Galants"

I have just a few Fashion Plates that actually depict Marie Antoinette and her husband King Louis XVI. 4 in total that I will be showin.