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Aaahw damn!

When you put dark souls down for two seconds to go to the bathroom and you hear that fateful death tone after you die.

Video Games Taught Us More Than Schools #funny #fact

Boy's quick reaction saves life of unconscious driver he's with. And it's all due to his playing video games

Accurate!! I get so caught up in side quests sometimes that I want to go back to the main story, but then I end up doing another side quest..!

Funny Video Game Memes - When You Try to Focus on the Video Game's Storyline and the Side Quest Distracts You

I can just hear her going "haha, it's just not fair! I pressed jump! I know I did! Hehehaaha!"

Bloodborne's New DLC Got Me Like

Me when playing playing Call of Duty - except there are lots more swear words as I rock by beautykinguk

Video Game Logic: I don't understand 70% of it but its still funny

Video Game Logic

Funny pictures about Video Game Logic. Oh, and cool pics about Video Game Logic. Also, Video Game Logic photos.

Funny Picdump

Gaming skills be like.Gamer Skills Aimbot Counter Strike Global Offensive Call of Duty Black Ops III