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bruce and dick 2 by on @DeviantArt

Batman helping Dick get ready for school at Gotham academy. (Seems a little too sweet for Bruce and Dick)

Come here robin..... This is making me cry a lot..... :,(

I imagine that as Jason reaching for batmans love and batman finally giving it…

under the cape

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When I see this picture I think Bruce Is telling the boys to knock it off and Damian says,"NO!" And everyone runs for their lives. Except for Damian who has to be toted off by Dick.

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Tu hijo es un monstruo

Tu hijo es un monstruo

"My point is meet me at Gotham Zoo and bring your checkbook" I LOVE DICK GRAYSON SO MUCH! EKKKKKK!!!!

Dick wants an elephant.--- Oh my gosh! Haha I can just see them dressed up as Nightwing and Batman going to the Gotham Zoo in the middle of the night.


Time Passed By by FermiumIce. Dick Grayson as Robin, enter Barbra, exit Robin…

Damian and his "cats"

In the first one I thought to myself "Damian the Lion Tamer, using only his fists!