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They see me trollin' by *Kitty-Cat-Angel on deviantART

They see me trollin’ by *Kitty-Cat-Angel Robin, Kid Flash and Artemis from Young Justice. Okay, so let me just say this wasn’t intentional. Basically I told a friend back in December that when I had.

[link] Just a headcanon that formulated when I was taking a shower yesterday. God, I love shower ideas. YJ © Grandon Who is which kitten

With Young Justice being canceled, I wanted to make a little tribute piece for spitfire showing the possible "what could have happened" scenario. While I like how Artemis took up the mantle of Tigr.

“Happy Father’s Day, Bruce!” An adorable fanart by Eiko-chan. Submitted by nursemz87!

"Happy Father’s Day, Bruce!" Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne - Aww. My heart just kind of died of happiness.

~'Damn, I knew I should've upped my sword game. This dagger's piss weak. Darn it!'~ - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Lantern Oaths

Just meme it!

Black Hand fascinats me, but the greatest lantern will always be Hall Jordan first Green Lantern of earth!

Color codes: Black - Batman/Bruce Blue - Dick Red - Tim Grey - Alfred (No Real Death In The Family by CrimsonHorror)

Damian and his "cats"

In the first one I thought to myself "Damian the Lion Tamer, using only his fists!