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Lover, I look at you and try to keep the smile from expanding on my face. You are the sunshine on a dull day; you are my sun, moon and stars. I cannot even comprehend having someone else. I wish to breathe you in. You are electric.

"Do. we really have to go to work?" Mike yawned. Harvey laughed and laid down again, "well I could call Donna and tell her to cancel all meetings,"

Paitsel moves around a lot in his sleep and usually ends up on top of Paul or on the floor somehow

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↠ ᴘɪɴ: coeurdepasteque ↞ “coltre: “on a freezing cold day, me and my friend climbed on the top of an abandoned factory and saw Berlin smiling in front of us ” x ”

✧ is this how you act when you're not angry? ✧     Jax laughed and tugged at Achro's hair.  ✧ i'm always angry ✧

this is also kinda the secret unhealthy thing between Vincent and Nate