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omg I spent most of my childhood comparing belle's favorite book to different disney movies, I was pretty proud when I made this comparison. seeing it on Pinterest just furthers my belief :D

I always thought it was referencing beauty and the beast. Cause the same things happen in beauty and the beast. In Aladdin it's not a spell. It's just a genie with magic. In beauty and the beast it's actually a spell on the castle.

Ahhh... I don’t have a little brother... OH WELL IM DOING THAT AT MU OLDER BROTHERS GRADUATION

I'm totally going to do this at all four of my younger siblings graduations

I never thought about this but now that I do...it all makes so much sense! I mean, I'm not the biggest Toy Story fan, but I think things like this are really cool!

The Real Identity of Andy's Mom in 'Toy Story'

Disney secrets< the minion from dispecable me just said WHAAAT? in my head. there is something wrong with me.<<no there is nothing wrong with you. that comes out my mouth, yours just said it in your head.

how frozen should have ended

I'm also pretty certain Elsa is the love child of rogue and iceman. Perhaps Frozen only happened because the xmen movies made them a couple.since they aren't in the comics.

Don't worry Elsa. There are good queens too.

Don't be sad, Elsa. Your'e not an Evil Queen. You are accepted by the "Real" Disney Queens.

Harem Girls-Aladdin and the King of Thieves by isamisa

Do you remember the three nameless harem girls that appeared in One Jump Ahead and in Prince Ali from the movie of Disney's Aladdin? Harem Girls-Aladdin and the King of Thieves

I was actually enjoying the heartfelt story and then there was that

Such a sweet story. and then that comment and I just WOW I'm laughing so hard right now XD