Franco- A great comedic and dramatic actor, writer of fiction and poetry, has several advanced degrees from ivy league schools, handsome, well-spoken, compassionate and philanthropic, and enjoys a puff from time to time- solid role model all around

Crush of the Month: James Franco Handsome? No wonder this guy is the adoration of so many women throughout the world. We all want that perfect guy with the whole.

Johnny Depp, one of the few men who can pull off eyeliner!

Johnny Depp covers the latest issue of Aspen Peak magazine and he looks delicious! [Images courtesy of Aspen Peak.

If I've calculated this correctly , I expect to be Johnnys 3rd wife and him my 3rd husband in this game called life. We will have realized that nothing ever really mattered afterall .....

Johnny Depp the face of Dior's new men's fragrance Sauvage. Before it drops, the brand released five scintillating teasers. Watch them now.

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Inspired Johnny Depp”, 1995 printed x cm © David Bailey, Courtesy: Galerie Daniel Blau Munich/London

Johnny Depp for anyone not around in the 90's, the epitome of a teenage dream.

Johnny freaking Depp.

Sexy photo Johnny Depp in nice black suit. Young image of Johnny Depp sporting an earring. Picture of Johnny Depp looking tough in fedora.

Johnny Depp in youth

A peer of teenage buddies crash a private resort with the goal of meeting some attractive women.