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The Kite Patch repels mosquitoes for up to 48 hours

Goodbye, Bug Spray. Hello, Bug Patch!

This little patch acts like an invisibility cloak to mosquitoes. Kite Patch uses powerful, non-toxic compounds that are FDA approved for harmless human contact. No more toxic sprays or lotions, and no more silly, ineffective ingredients that don’t work.

Albums, though they might make a comeback.

Albums, though they might make a comeback.

30 Places to Leave Your Business Cards

Leave your business cards in these 30 places for cheap marketing opportunities that will win business from the most unexpected sources.

These days, most people use their phone as their camera as well. Why not make it even more useful with this remote shutter that works with iOS 5 or newer.

Muku Shuttr - first ever mobile shutter for iPhone & Android by Muku Labs — Kickstarter. Muku Shuttr - World's Slimmest Remote Camera Control for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Notes LG Nexus No app needed!

♕ this vintage postal sorting desk would make the most incredible crafting space <3<3<3

unique vintage metal with swing-out stool, drawer, desk surface and storage cubbies.

nike09.jpg (500×667)

Nike is a brand which has a very well known typographic identity, to the point where when looking at an advertisement, you know it is Nike j.

Photo by John Cullen.

One of the best feelings ever.feet dangling in the cool lake water on a hot summer day while eating fresh fruit of the season. This is why I love summer

Floppy disc...I used to have like every color of these!!

Well, this is just obsolete. But funny to still find them hanging around now and then.