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retro red refrigerator

Retro Red Refrigerator Nostalgic of a wholesome time when milk was delivered in glass bottles on the doorstep and Mother wore an apron, this classic fridge is available in a palette of delightful colors.

retro in red!  Google Image Result for http://productsinsider.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/elmira-stove-works.jpg

Perfect for my Coca~Cola kitchen Elmira (Northstar) retro fridges and ranges, 1950 retro, contemporary and modern kitchen appliances.

1950 White Northstar Refrigerator. Vintage fridge

Elmira Stove Works custom builds elegant antique kitchen appliances, retro 1950 refrigerators and charming 1850 reproduction cookstoves all handcrafted to your personal specifications

Spanish company, Portobello Street, wraps modern refrigerators with wood panels, round grill vents and metal hardware to give them the appearance of vintage pieces of furniture.

Vintage Inspired Refrigerators by Portobello Street

Cozinhas retrôs para você se inspirar

Cozinhas retrôs para você se inspirar

Vintage 1947 OKeefe & Merritt Town and Country stove///How Great would it be to cook a Great Family meal on a red stove.

RETROPOLITAN FRIDGE All my retro appliance needs

The Retro Kitchen Appliance Product Line

Big Chill’s Retropolitan Refrigerator has a stamped metal body, authentic chrome trim, chrome handle, available left hand hinge and is energy efficient.

oh the things I would do for this refrigerator!.........I HAD one!!!  Painted it a mustard color, and put a decal on front top.

When I was a little girl I had a toy vintage fridge that looked just like this one . had little toy objects in it too.

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Big Chill retro fridges combine the iconic look of a style vintage refrigerator with the amenities of contemporary appliances. I particularly like the Beach Cruiser series shown above.

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Ideas y detalles en rojo y turquesa

Винтажные холодильники Portobello Street

Vintage-inspired refrigerators by Portobello Street. They wrap modern refrigerators with wood panels, round grill vents and metal hardware to give them the appearance of vintage pieces of furniture.

Fogão Antigo

Fogão Antigo

One day I'll buy a mint green or pastel pink O'Keefe and Merritt stove - And build an entire kitchen around it - One day -

I'm sucker for a retro kitchen, especially one with a colored fridge and stove.

50’s Retro Refrigerator and Vintage Appliances

Retro BigChill matching blue fridge and dishwasher with white shaker cupboards. Take a close look at the countertop, too. It’s a solid green formica with style chrome edging ~Oh my Word! Love the dishwasher!