Even when he's smoking, James Dean is sexy.

James Dean: Hollywood Icon / Man of Style The combination of an untimely automobile related death at the age of twenty-four, a short movie career of three


James Dean, dressed up as the older Jett Rink in "Giant". His hairline was shaved back for the aging effect. Also, over his shoulder you can see the mold of Dean’s face, which he put his glasses on.

The Iconic James Dean

‘Sprezzatura’: The Art of Standing Out, Subtly

Cursed Car Takes James Dean S Life Porsche Spyder Rolf Wuetherich. James Dean Smoking In His Porsche. James Dean S Fa.

James Dean

James Franco could totally pull this off. James Dean costume test for ‘East of Eden’,


James Dean reading The Complete Poetical Works of James Whitcomb Riley. Gentleman, it is very easy to impress a lady by genuinely enjoying a good book.


James Dean and his cousin, Markie. photo by Dennis Stock, 1955 In Fairmount Indiana where he was raised by his aunt and uncle after his mother died when he was only 9 yrs old.

USA. Indiana. Fairmount. 1955. James Dean, US Actor returned to Fairmount where he spent his youth, and visited his old school,the Fairmount High School. (Dennis Stock)

Dennis Stock James Dean during a visit to his old school, Fairmount High School. Fairmount, Indiana, 1955 [via PDN Photo of the Day]