Uuju aka Paula (Finland) Kesakettu (The Summer Fox) from the Fox series

black, gray and white forest with a red fox staring at you . Uuju aka Paula (Finland) -Kesakettu (The Summer Fox) from the Fox series, 2012


red-lipstick: “ Uuju aka Paula (Finland) -Talvikettu (The Winter Fox) from the Fox series, 2012 Trad Drawings: Dip Pen + Ink, Crayons Kesakettu (The Summer Fox) from the Fox series, 2013 Drawings:.

She came to rest at a green place in the dark woods... - At rest in the wood by Kay Nielsen, from East of the sun west of the moon

At Rest in the Dark Wood from "East of the Sun West of the Moon" - Kay Nielsen illustration

sandra duckmann

winter birds Robin Trees // print by SandraDieckmann on Etsy

52e243c7cbfd27cc07af284fa5272a53.jpg 737×922 píxeles

Fox Watching-mixed media on a 9 x 12 inch box canvas.

hiyokos: Finally all caught up with posting art- at least here!...

hiyokos: Finally all caught up with posting art- at least here!... (Of hearth and home)

hiyokos: “ Finally all caught up with posting art- at least here! Deviantart is a whole other story! D: Been playing with these two characters lately- not sure where its going but hopefully that relates to my upcoming senior project!

Reading My Library: Ludwig Bemelmans

BlackForest by Ronald Searle. A dream of mine is to illustrate a children's book someday. Need to make a gingerbread glitter house. Love how this one is decorated.

The Art Of Animation. Ralph Hulett.

Winter Wonderland by Disney artist Ralph Hulett. Buck, doe, and fawn.

Betamo | Blue Fox Esquire  Introducing the very dapper Blue...

Im loving this one! sophisticated little fox ♡ this is how i always feel when im at some fancy party holding a champagne glass :D

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Tree detail, line drawing, cabin


Fox Enjoying the Snow - by Oamul Lu


Justin Harder - black bear and red fox

Kyle Fewell

artsy cat, by Kyle Fewell

fox and bunnies | illustration by isabelle arsenault

"The Fox & Rabbit Print"--isabelle arsenault fox_print.

Un mignon renard s'adonnant à des sports d'hiver: une autre illustration de la saison froide qui irait bien sur n'importe quelle pièce de céramique

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Patinage, signed art prints by Élise Gravel

Fringe Series Finale "You are my favorite thing, my very favorite thing." Walter to his son Peter

Joshua Budich is an independent illustrator based in Baltimore with a love for TV shows, movies and music. The majority of his incredible work can be purchased as screen prints on his website.