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No, seriously.  Why isn't it May 4th, yet? #Assemble

How do the Avengers fit into the Whedonverse? Whedoned features dialog from Joss Whedon shows and images of the Avengers who might say it.

Cat Avengers. I thought of you when I pinned this Alisha. Why is it I always think of you when I see a cat now? :)

the avengers - the catvengers. Wallpaper and background photos of The Catvengers for fans of The Avengers images.

Avengers Before Christmas <-----LOL this is hilarious. I wish I'd seen this five months ago. << AWWWWW

Twas the Night Before Christmas, Avenger's-style (as told by Tony Stark). -- Merry Christmas everyone!

And this joke is pretty brilliant. Take it. Use it. @Holly Greer

15 Neat Facts About "That Thing You Do!"

And this joke is pretty brilliant. I seriously quote this movie ALL THE TIME.