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Yeux Eyes

A Dark Fairytale / karen cox "A fallen blossom returning to the bough, I thought -- But no, a butterfly." — Arakida Moritake (Traditional Japanese Poetry: An Anthology)

Green eyed lady

I cannot even put into words how much I love love love green eyes, bright green eyes like these ones, and wish I had them or one of my kids, but we got stuck with brown.and I only know one person who does have these green eyes, and she is gorgeous!

#despertar Sofremos de uma alucinação, de uma sensação falsa e distorcida da nossa existência enquanto organismos vivos. Maioria de nós tem a sensação que "eu mesmo" é um centro separado de sensação e acção, vivendo por dentro e limitado pelo corpo físico, um centro que "confronta" um mundo "externo" de pessoas e coisas, fazendo contacto através dos sentidos com um universo tanto alienígena como estranho. ~ Alan Watts, Ego and the Universe

Eyes are the window to the soul. a soul that cannot escape the mind, a soul trapped in the darkness, trying to escape, screaming for help but no one hears and no on sees.

“Parfois j'aimerais qu'il me laisse tranquille, qu'une journée entière passe sans qu'il vienne dans mes pensées.” ―Arnaldur Indriðason

Royalty Free Stock Photos and Images: Distress and suffering with a human eye crying a single tear drop with a screaming facial expression of anguish and pain due to grief or emotional loss or business burnout.

mine are like the 4th one down. and here I thought it was common...

Just A Beautiful Mutation!

Heterochromia - a beautiful mutation of the iris.I had no idea that it was a mutation. My eyes are blue on the outsides and fade to orange around the irises. Depending on my mood and what I wear my eyes change color.