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It's all true but the tomato thing not true for me again he doesn't know I'm alive


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Omg my freaking life my mom will not and I mean will not let me go to a concert like I probably die even if I was in the same city as shawn but still she needs to just give in now cuz I'm never gonna stop asking and begging

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She said, "If you ever see Shawn, you'll die of a heart attack!" And I literally responded with, "At least I'll die happy!

Well If you say so! *Keeps him Hostage* Missing: Shawn Mendes! Don't worry, I'll feed him.

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My friends be like "oh is that that boy you always obsess over" I be like "Oh you mean Shawn Peter Raul Mendes 17 years old born August 8 1998 obsessed with Harry Potter writer of the 3 time platinum song Stitches?