runs end, running doesn't

that time of refreshing and renewal of all things. The time of year that is proof of God's bringing to life dead things.

Very True.   I Love Vermont :')

Especially the memories associated with childhood on the Margaret Road before it was paved. and growing up in the country. other dirt roads that were a part of my childhood.Sanie Road, Black Jack Road and Roulaine Road. Memories of all.

Take A Walk in the Forest and Smell the wild air. No better way to rejuvenate than lost time in nature.

Want to be happy? Stop buying things and go travel!

want to be happy? stop buying things and go travel! >> Got to Stop buying things I don't need and save up!

Favorite place to go was always, Cherokee, N.C.

Nature Therapy is one of my favorite ways to relieve anxiety. "I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order" - john burroughs

What we all want in life. To travel, fall in love, and be happy

What we all want in life, to travel, fall in love and be happy. Beach - Quote - Happiness So true

Life is all about finding people who are your kind of crazy. I am grateful for our crazy friendship! So true!

Ideas Quotes: 38 Great Inspirational And Motivational Quotes

38 Great Inspirational And Motivational Quotes

This has been on my mind a lot lately. If you can't look me in the eye, it is harder to learn to respect you.

love couple Him eyes you i love you you and i together in love love quotes love you intimacy i like you crush love quote his eyes close intimate eye contact you and me my eyes

Truth. Not fat but curves there’s a difference

Girls are like country roads. The best ones got curves. - Earl Dibbles Jr I got curves