When you feel lazy to run today, put on your sport suit and then decide what to do.

30 Day Beach Body Challenge

Need inspiration to kick start your fitness? We've selected the best workouts for people to improve their fitness level and sculpt their best body ever!

Motivation. Food tastes good for a moment Fitness tastes good forever.

I love this way more than the "skinny" one. There are plenty of things that taste better than skinny feels because to me skinny is weak and skinny is tired. Being fit means feeling healthy, strong, capable, and full of energy.

Is this is right... I always thought 5'2" was supposed to weigh 115? Small 108 is like nothing?  I got a lot of work to do!

These are healthy weights, for the average body of each frame and height. This isn’t for you to say “ew that’s fat” or to say “yay I’m under my healthy weight” You also can’t pick your frame or change your frame, but you can find out what it is here.


Great motivational quote for the rough days: Everybody works hard when they feel like it, but only the best do it when they don’t feel like it. Be a champion.

The number on reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have gotten.  Joyce Meyers reminded me just yesterday of this!

The number one reason people give up. Never give up & always remember your progress.

Never give up!

Motivational Quotes-Thoughts - Earl Nightingale-Never Give Up on A Dream Just Because of The Time it Will Take to Accomplish it. The Time Will Pass Anyway.

Unstoppable - #fitness #workout #motivation #determination

"the beginning is always tough, but once I'm in it, I become unstoppable." so true for everything, but especially boxing


Go ahead, tell me that I am not good enough, Tell me I can't do it - because I will show you, Over and over again THAT I CAN. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.

ok this quote is whatever but REALLY?!?! a picture of a stripper or something in the background? lol yep inspirational

work on your weaknesses until they are strengths & work on your strengths until they are second nature yoga

Fitness Inspiration Pictures/Quotes :  wedding Through Christ #FITNESSMOTIVATIONPICTURES

Fitness Inspiration Pictures/Quotes : wedding Through Christ #FITNESSMOTIVATIONPICTURES