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CtamuG8WcAAmomu.jpg:orig (736×1861)  (Train my hand in curve linear and straight lines at varying angles.)

Diagram of medieval sword belt, one style of fastening scabbard to the belt. Perhaps the sword of Lassen?

Estupenda representación de un caballero normando del siglo XI. Así aparecen representados en el Tapiz de Bayeux.

Norman Knight from Bayeux Tapestry

The knight

Knight in shining armor . I think I'd rather have a Knight in UNshiny armor cause that would mean he was a fighter & I'd want him to fight for me when/if the moment came.

The Warrior by Carlos Garijo.

The Warrior by carlosgarijo on DeviantArt, warrior girl, woman armor, digital painting, inspirational art

The Heaven of Three Kingdoms

I like this character because it looks heroic, because it looks like a brave and honorable warrior that will fight for what he believes.

Fomors wear ornate armour to denote their status and fighting prowess. Sword of Air on iBooks. Now available on iPhone (latest iOS update required).

this is guard knight, I love it's armour matching double sword.i love the character's aimer design.

A Templar Knight

Templar knight after the battle. A mighty sword-hand anchored by a holy purpose. A zealous warrior.