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The flowers from the 'Hally Jolivette' cherry tree start off pale pink, then turn white.     The star of many a cherry blossom festival in the U.S. -- among them the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's  'Kwanzan' tree's pink flowers are full and frilly.  Yoshino: perfect, slightly fragrant, five-petaled blooms can be pink or white. 'Higan' takes on the appearance of a fountain of delicate pink flowers. "Mount Fuji' cherry tree are known to have a longer life span than those of other varietals.

A glossary of cherry blossom flowers. Clockwise from top 'Hally Jolivette', 'Kanzan' ('Kwanzan'), 'Yoshino', 'Higan', 'Mount Fuji' ('Shirotae').


It is time for another installment of our Wedding Flower Guide. Today we have some sunny vibrant yellow wedding flowers to share with you. Everybody loves a yellow wedding. In fact our Crafty Teal and Yellow Wedding is still one of our most popular .

Color, texture, flow of this gorgeous bouquet stopped my heart!

Floral arrangement by Flora Grubb. Smokebrush foliage, chocolate cosmos, leucadendro 'jester', echeveria 'perle von nurenberg' and the dark aeonium 'shwarzkopf'.