Outstanding Poster Design    Selected graphics and poster design from different projects by freelance graphic designer Alberto Carballido from Madrid, Spain. The designer shows great skills in typography and graphic design for print products. Check out more of his artworks and graphics here.

Great series of posters by freelance graphic designer Alberto Carballido, from Spain. - posted under Print Design tagged with: Graphic Design, Poster, Print, Typography by Fribly Editorial

2014 Blackfly Ball Letterpress Poster - Large

“This poster was designed to promote the Beehive Design Collective’s annual celebration and fundraiser. It was designed to be letterpress printed on the Beehive’s Vandercook ”

8月1日に5周年を迎えたエウレカですが、9月14日(日)は先日お伝えした5周年イベント以外にも同日にこんなスペシャルな縁日を開催します。 今回の企画は以前から進めていましたが、出店していただく皆さんが本当に活躍されている …

8月1日に5周年を迎えたエウレカですが、9月14日(日)は先日お伝えした5周年イベント以外にも同日にこんなスペシャルな縁日を開催します。 今回の企画は以前から進めていましたが、出店していただく皆さんが本当に活躍されている …


We are a creative studio based in Margate, UK, specialising in illustration & design. Telegramme is.

jazz poster Like the fun and playful composition Colours work well as well

Vintage Inspired Graphic Design Atelier Martino&Jaña created a graphic identity including posters and a book for the 2012 Guimarães Jazz Edition. More of this design on WE AND THE.

No Doubt music poster, artist? #graphicDesign #color #musicPoster

Love how this pattern repeats to create a flower - definitely would work fabulously with tissue paper and dies!

3-D type

COVER: Shadows in Text. Arizona-based design stu dio, Tunnel Bravo, has designed a series of fun posters for East Valley Children’s Theatre.

You Won't Want To Take Your Business Anywhere Else After You Read These Shops'…

You Won't Want To Take Your Business Anywhere Else After You Read These Shops' Hilarious Chalkboard Signs

This is a poster for the musical singing in the rain. The main poster colour scheme is a range of blues. when we think of blue we think of cold as it is a cold colour and i think this works well for the singing in the rain poster.