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I know this was originally intended for books, and I appreciate that, but it hits home with animes that were WAY shorter than they should've been. *Cries a little for Fruits Basket, Ghost Story, Z-Loan...etc....*

Bookfessions There is an empty sadness I feel when I finish a series and I wish the series was longer.

False flag

change read to seen, and books to things for a writing prompt. "I've seen too many things to believe what I am told.

ever wanted to do this? {raises hand} I feel they're every feeling,  including stupidity and embarrassment

Sometimes I want to slap the characters with their own book. Bella Swan is the first one on that list! and Katniss as well a few times for some things!

I felt this way about A Court of Mist and Fury. I read it twice in one week. I felt depressed and joyful and kept thinking about it. I still think about it because i connected so much with the court of dreams and the stars. I haven't read a book that made me feel like this or touched me so much in a long long time.~~N

I did this with Trials of Apollo. I am waiting for book So now with Magnus Chase book 2 i am spacing out my reading

Yessss!!!! You could for all the small important details that book nerds love!!

I need seven seasons of Harry Potter.<<<I need an episode per chapter in all my book fandoms PLEASE

Lol. True, true. Making up names in my head and when I have to say the character name out loud it gets all garbled because I don't know how to the pronounce it. I just stick to "main character" as their name.

lolsotrue # 527 when you don't know how to pronounce a character's name in a book, so you just substitute our own jibberish word in your head.

Hebben jullie ook soms dat gevoel?

Hebben jullie ook soms dat gevoel? (Boekenfans!, De Blog)

Social dilemma of a bookworm ~ fighting the urge to pull your book out of your purse in social situations

Caring for books --- Well now I know the manner in which I shall henceforth open books.

Funny pictures about How to open a new book. Oh, and cool pics about How to open a new book. Also, How to open a new book.

" Folge mir,ich zeige dir jetzt einen Buchreihe die dir womöglich seelisch wehtun könnte. Sie wird dir eine neue Welt voller Schmerz ,Schrecken und traurigen Toden aber auch voller Freundschaft,Liebe,Hoffnung,Gefühle und Magie zeigen....Harry Potter ."

~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ ~The Maze Runner~ ~ The Svorch Trials~ ~ The Death Cure~ ~The Kill Order~ ~Hunger Games~ ~Catching Fire~ ~Mockingjay~ too many

19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand.  There is so much truth in this post that it almost hurts lol. Even though this has a typo.

19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand. There is so much truth in this post that it almost hurts lol. And I thought I was the only one who did this haha


Reader's block is real. This is why it either takes me a day to read a book or a month

Crying a bit but you know- I-I'm fine!

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