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Brand: WWF 2 of 2 Communication objective: to promote awareness and encourage a change in behavior Method: By including a SMS line to text that provides support for the organization, the ad directly is attempting to impact the behavior of its audience by encouraging them to take some physical engaging action. Also, the shock value of the ad promotes audience awareness of the organization's existence and it's function.

I wish more people get involved in this organization to help animals. That help will make our future generations to have chance to see animals that they might not be able to see in future.

Blackfish is a documentary about what REALLY HAPPENS at Sea World. It's a MUST SEE! After watching this I may never step inside Sea World again. I hate cruelty towards animals.

Blackfish- a documentary about how Sea World trapped whales in the wild and miss treats them. It's truly horrific and saddening to watch. You can suck it Sea World.

Endangered Animals of the World Infographic

Endangered Animals of the World Infographic

Xochitl Pliego- Because of human greed and monetary gain animals are endangered. This is due to poaching and deforestation. This infographic shows quantitative data to represent the endangered animals of the world.

Anúncio da SORA: empresa que incentiva a adoção de animals afetados pelos desastres de Fukushima, no Japão. #ads #marketing

SORA: Save Fukushima animals - have digital buttons become the most noticeable components on a page?

#Rhino poaching infographic

South African Rhino Poaching Increases to Unprecedented Levels