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hee hee  (maybe)

I iz in ur space-time continuum, upsetting all your gravity and quantums and stuffs.

Cats. The cat with the permanent top hat is the cutest thing I've ever seen!


10 Cats That Got Famous For Their Awesome Fur Markings I love Top hat cat awww

Red, photo by B. Martin

Red, photo by B.

Schrodinger's cat made you a cookie...

Schrodinger's cat made you a cookie...

Three Little Kittens...and their dolls :)

Dressed Kittens with Dolls



Schrodingers Cat, Whimsical

Cats as fonts! [Fixed] Only type nerds would understand!

Cats as fonts! [Fixed]

Funny pictures about Cats as fonts. Oh, and cool pics about Cats as fonts. Also, Cats as fonts photos.

Mail - Jo Sovern - Outlook

Biology Cat is not amused, and Psychology Cat is off sobbing in a corner.

"Every Breath You Take," Feline Edition

Every treat you fake, every fish you bake, every bag you shake, I'll be watching…

gotta always have your bitch slapper ready

Just enjoy the cute fluffy kitten. Let me just clean off my bitch slapper, then we can to business dont look cat in eye


When I run across a Schrodinger's Cat joke, I can't decide whether to pin it or not until I observe it.

Isabella Roo

Isabella Roo