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You have no idea what you did to all the kids who felt like they didn't belong. U make them feel special, like they belong somewhere. The Harry Potter fandom :)

Gahhh, this is one of my favorite lines from Wuthering Heights! And I'm in love with Snape and Heatchliff both. <<< I thought "a prince in disguise" was from Beauty and the Beast

My most fave Harry Potter quote is Snape's "Always." I remember my heart breaking into million pieces when I read that part. No one appreciates always like a castle/Harry potter fan

Favorite Line by Harry Potter Cast

"The boy who lived. The greatest witch of her age. Our king. The boy who thought he had no choise. The one that could have been. The girl who believed"

this is sooo dumb. Why is this romanticized? He hated them because he was a bitter, abusive man and Lily stopped being his friend because he was a pureblood who joined a terrorist organization that wanted to kill people like her and her family.

All Deleted Scenes From the Harry Potter Films in one glorious 1 hour 10 min video. It's like a movie! <<<<Gotta watch this later when the kids and hubby are asleep

♡ ;(;(;( I'll always love harry potter, until the very end

JKR talks about living with depression while writing Harry Potter

JKR talks about living with depression while writing Harry Potter. I wish I could write her and tell her how these books saved my life.

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The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest.