Inked Princesses... includes Kida!  ~ David Gilson

Inked Heroines Part 3 - Megara, Jane Porter, Princess Kida, Tiana and even Abby.

From left to right and top down : Penny & Bolt ("Bolt"), Tiana & Naveen ("The Princess and the Frog"), Rapunzel & Eugene ("Tangled"), Ralph & Vanellope ("Wreck-it Ralph"), Anna & Elsa ("Frozen"), Hiro & Baymax ("Big Hero 6" to be released next November in US), Nick & Judy ("Zootopia", 2016).

David Gilson: Disney Duets including: Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Wreck It Ralph, Frozen, Big Hero Zootopia

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This is so cool they! They managed to get almost every animated Disney and Pixar movie in this art work - Disney selfie