Le Blog de Frivole: Now Up to Four...

… of the large round motifs of this Jan Stawasz design. It makes a nice square, doesn& it? But it& too small yet, I need to keep going a.

tatted bell patterns | Yarnplayer's Tatting Blog: Pansy hair clip | A. TATTING

Patterns Free Bead Tatting The vintage pansy pattern from page 20 of the Dover Tatting Patterns .

Le Blog de Frivole: Rose & Crown

* * * UPDATE * * * I'm going with Megan's suggestion (thank you!) and will call this motif Rose & Crown I originally t.

this is an interesting tatted piece ... sort of antique but could be layered with other pieces to make it more boho.

try with rounded seed beads. Why do so many people use angular seed beads with a smooth, rounded-thread design?

Tatting blog. I intend to spend some major time here. Just as soon as I locate and organize my tatting stuff.

Moving right along slow-as-molasses, I'm up to motif in the 25 Motif challenge and this is Plate figure 5 in D.