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Girl // Fox

mmm I drew my OC Akane because I was really in the mood for drawing an original.so I feel bad. and I rushed it a lot.

Don't Put That Shit On Me

Don’t Put That Shit On Me

Conheça o Sr. Gudetama, a gema de ovo mais desanimada do mundo

Classics and Electro. Both are combined by Lindsey Stirling to make the ULTAMITE MASTERPIECE

Kinda makes me think about me and my twin sis, except we both have long brown hair. I don't have a violin, but want to play it so badly. We both love music. I'm a little more country/girly than my twin, and yeah. ^v^so Kawai

Lack of inspiration. by CyarinDraws

Inspiration batteries recharge at unpredictable speed, wish I could get mine repaired! Thanks for your support, you guys keep me motivated even through art blocks!

when you see how well someone is playing with a small child and you also want to prove a good relationship :,D

Kushina thought Naruto will laugh if she did the same as Minato but Naruto ended up getting scared xD