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Home for the faeries and gnomes in your garden.

Fairy Garden Tree Stump Stool is perfect for fairies and full-grown people alike! Crafted to resemble a real tree stump, it makes the perfect fairy garden accent, but it can be used as a table or stool for humans, too :) - Gardening Go

Miniature Fairy Garden Solar Staircase Stump House | Miniature Fairy Gardens

Expand your fairy garden with our delightful Miniature Fairy Garden Solar Staircase Stump House, solar-powered to light the way home for fairies, pixies and …

Fairy Homes and Gardens - Fairy Hidden Hollow, $37.99 (https://www.fairyhomesandgardens.com/fairy-hidden-hollow/)

Fairy Homes and Gardens - Fairy Hidden Hollow, $37.99 (https://www.fairyhomesandgardens.com/fairy-hidden-hollow/)

If I ever have to deal with a stump, I think this is a great way!

The Hobbit House tree sculpture on Margaret Street, as carved by artist Walter van der Windt of Moores Falls, Ontario.such talent! maybo for the trunk of a dead tree!

Look at what you can do with an old stump...... What a great Fairy  Complex.

The gang at Flea Market Gardening has been busy creating homes for fairies around the trees and outdoor areas of their gardens. If you build it,.

Turn your old Tree stump into a fairy house.

If you are trying to getting rid of tree stumps in your garden, wait. See these tree stump ideas below. You have no idea that you can make so many things out of them.

diy craft idea that you can do

Over 627 people liked this! Upcycled Pringles can: garden fairy house. for your fairy gardens momma!