Kitchen with peninsula without handles FACTORY | Kitchen with peninsula by Aster Cucine

Kitchen with peninsula without handles FACTORY

日本人だから、お茶を飲むとホッとする。 コーヒーや紅茶の専門店で好きな銘柄を選ぶように、日本茶も気軽に選んでみたい。 そんな思いを実現するのが「151E(いちごいちえ)」。 昨年2013年秋に福岡市にできた、まるで雑貨屋さんのようなお茶のセレクトショップです。 福岡にあるデザイン事務所『planning ES』が、商品...


Located in Fukuoka on the Japanese island of Kyushu, ichi-go ichi-e (a phrase that was also the Japanese title of the movie Forrest Gump)—sells tea produced in each of the region’s seven prefectures.


In the kitchen of this renovated Brooklyn brownstone, the island and cabinets, fashioned from remilled Douglas-fir beams salvaged from upstate New York, sport inexpensive drawers from Ikea.Photo by: Matthew Williams Photo by: Matthew Williams