Cover for Psycho (1971 series) #5

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell - Boris Vallejo : "Creature From The Earth Core" (

Eerie 67

EERIE Hacker by Alex Toth Hunter II Paul Neary Papa Voodoo Merlin Kingmaker Maroto Classic Horror Comic Warren Magazine Manuel Sanjulian

Rare vintage original 1974 Warren Publications EERIE by supervator

1974 Eerie poster! Vintage original 1970's Warren Publications EERIE Magazine #59 horror cover artwork poster: Eerie Magazine poster pin-up

Esteban Maroto 'Dax the Warrior' initially published as 'Manly' in Spain before being reprinted in the pages of Eerie It was reprinted yet again in Eerie w/ heavy edits/revision & renamed 'Dax the Damned.

R. Crowl, Avon Fantasy Reader No.16, 51-07.

Avon fantasy reader cover featuring Mermaid and Sea monster, awesome Sci-fi!