Ara, a Stealthy Nano

Lone Shark Games is raising funds for The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera on Kickstarter! Lone Shark Games' epic card game of exploration and skill, set in Monte Cook Games' Numenera universe.

Where None Have Yet Traveled by Fesbraa

Started as a very simple idea of a character portrait. Where None Have Yet Traveled

The master of the crows < the crows have no master. They are wild, crooked, and loners. They don't take no for an answer from anyone. They only take orders from themselves. They will, however, do you a favor or two if you offer them enough cornchips or something.

Tanyon Longstride, champion of the Raven Queen. Similar to Kashaw in bearing.

Dust, Eric Felten on ArtStation at

Eric Felten is an artist based in The Netherlands. He's previously worked for companies like Guerilla, the developers of the Killzone series.

ArtStation - Project Path of the Balam, Simon Dubuc

This is a team project I& been working on recently at Brainstorm. The premise is a God of War style action game in a Mayan setting.