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H. P. Lovecraft. LIMITED. The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath.Buffalo: Shroud, 1955. First edition, first printing.

The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath. Buffalo: Shroud, First edition, first - Available at Weekly Internet Rare Books and.

Geek-Art.net, Geek-Art.net : Dr Faustus : The Call Of Cthulhu,...

Bedtime stories: "Call of Cthulhu" in the style of Dr. Seuss iheartchaos: “ The Cthulhu mythos is important stuff for young minds, but kids might not be able to get around Lovecraft’s ebullient.

Lovecraft's original drawing of Cthulhu.

Cthulhu Mythos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A sketch of the fictional character, cthulhu, drawn by his creator HP Lovecraft May

H.P. Lovecraft's own genealogy chart for Cthulhu (and himself!)

Family tree of the Cthulhu Mythos deities (drawn by Lovecraft himself)

H.P. Lovecraft's own genealogy chart for Cthulhu (and himself!)

The Master.

H.P. Lovecraft - The Stars Are Right shirt

National Association of Writers in Education :: H. Lovecraft: Father of Modern Horror


" A devotional image of the god Cthulhu used in an unknown ceremony. One of three confiscated from a Boston based Cthulhu cult in 1837 by abnormalist Dr. Graven Image of Cthulhu

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(Update = Revamped the original idea of this comp and made 5 comps dedicated to all the creatures in the Bestiary) Links, Outer Gods: / Cthulhu comp lovecraft