Batgirl (2011) Issue #46

Batgirl (2011) Issue #46

In her civilian life, Barbara Gordon may be sitting on tech research that could be a gold mine.and in her life as Batgirl, she's cracked the code that might enable her to take down massive police co

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"There is no poc or disability representation" but doesn't bother to actually check

Now that the dust has settled on BATGIRL WEEK, here's o…

Tarr’s pencils, done over kinetic layouts by Stewart, really pops off the page. Her figures have animated qualities without looking cartoonish, and they really fit with the story being told by the writers.

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Batgirl - “Surge Protection” “written by Cameron Stewart & Brenden Fletcher art by Babs Tarr, Jake Wyatt, Michael lacombe & Serge Lapointe ”