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All except the hufflepuff... I'm a slytherin but hufflepuff isn't an insult

What's your best non-swearing insult? More I'm genuinely offended by number Hufflepuffs are amazing. Don't you dare insult them.

Try it with any song… i just tried it with Aerosmith's Dream On. this pictures statement is FALSE!

Try it with any song…

update: I tried with all my songs and yes I know it doesn't work with every song. I just think it works if you play the song on time or it works with some sort of upbeat song. But yea, it doesn't work perfectly like you would expect.

14 Ways People Got Revenge On Cheating Exes

14 Ways People Got Great Revenge On Cheating Exes Funniest one says she exchanged her ex's boss' phone number for the bimbo's he was sexting with, another wiped her cheater's tighty whiteys in poison ivy so he thought he had herpes.

Funny Memes - [The more you know]

Horrible and LOL. Reminds me of when the girls asked which one of them their Dad loves more, he says "The ugly one.

This Gas Station Will Give You Your Fill Of Dad Jokes

This Gas Station Will Give You Your Fill Of Dad Jokes

HEY HUFFLEPUFFS ARE NOT STUPID!!<<<<< I'm a Slytherin and I know they aren't

15+ Non-Swearing Insults That Are Too Brutal To Everyone

You remind me of twilight, you're completely disgusting. When your mom gave birth to you, she was arrested for littering. Wow your face makes Voldemort look like a male model.

Ahaha you thought they were gonna be cool facts! For the first one I did but then I caught on.

Interesting facts

It's about TIME somebody did this. XD -"dOk" Fun facts with sarcasm