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Sitting Bull's Brother, Chief Gray Eagle

Sitting Bull's Brother, Chief Gray Eagle

Apache Ca-Ca-She, Flathead Chief tintype

Apache Ca-Ca-She, Flathead Chief tintype

Native American children ..*

This is a very interesting site, explaining the indian calendars. Pictured above is two creek indian children.

Native American Indian Headdresses

Plains Indian Headress ~ CHIEF'S CROWN - Many deeds have I done and for each I have earned a feather from the eagle, Great Spirit. I have hunted and counted coup on many enemies and have proved myself to be worthy of this crown. My teepee, my home a

Chief Wets-It, Assinaboine, 1899. (Photo by Frank A. Rinehart)

Frank Albert Rinehart was an American artist famous for his photographs depicting Native American personalities and scenes, espe.

Image No: NA-1494-1  Title: Crowfoot, Blackfoot Chief.  Date: 1887  Photographer/Illustrator: Ross, Alexander J., Calgary, Alberta.  Remarks: [From original photo, damaged.]  Subject(s): Blackfoot - Personalities / Blackfoot - Clothing   Order this photo from Glenbow: ww2.glenbow.org/search/archivesPhotosResults.aspx?XC=/sea...  Search for 99,999 other historical photos at Glenbow: ww2.glenbow.org/search/archivesPhotosSearch.aspx

* Crowfoot, Chief of the Blackfoot ~by Glenbowmuseum *Hunter and a warrior who ceded the land of his people to Canadian Government without realizing what he was doing.

Charlie Chippewa. Chief Rocky Boy's brother

Chief Rocky Boy's brother n.

Apache Indian Chief Cochise - Bing Images

Cochise was a principle chief of the Chiricahua Apache. The Chiricahua lived in the area that is now the northern Mexican region of Sonora, New Mexico and Arizona. Cochise County, Arizona is named after him.



Sixapo (aka Black Plume, aka Long Mane) - Blackfoot (Kainai) - 1895

Rare antique photograph Portrait of Unknown Native American Indian Chief Warrior

December 23, 1890: Big Foot left his village with 333 followers to go to Pine Ridge. In six days he would be dead along with many others at the Wounded Knee Massacre. ================================================= Big Foot Minηecoηjou Lakota (ca. 1825-1890) Bigfoot's Lakota name was Si Tanka,"Spotted Elk". He was the son of Lone Horn. Spotted Elk became chief of the Minneconjou after the death of his father in 1874. Native accounts of Spotted Elk describe him as a great hunter.

Despite many publications where this man is identified as the Minicoujou (Sioux) Big Foot, also known as Spotted Elk (killed at Wounded Knee), this is the Oglala (Sioux) Big Foot.

Arapsoke woman with a child secured on her back with a blanket.

'Smiling Indians' Depicts A Lighter Side Of Native Americans

A Crow Indian Mother and Child~ Extraordinary photo of a Crow Indian Mother. It was made in 1908 by Edward S. The photo documents a Crow (Arapsoke) woman with a child secured on her back by a blanket.

First photograph ever of Chief Big Rock (77), medicine man of Chippewa Indians, in front of lodge furnished by Charles M. Russell in 1916 on rear of lot of Theodore Gibson’s 4th Street and 4th Avenue property, Great Falls, MT. Big Rock gave F. B. Linderman origin and ancient customs, superstitions, traditions and religion of Chippewa which were used as basis of Indian Old-Man Stories, 1920.

First photograph ever made of Chief Big Rock medicine man of Chippewa Indians

(4) Chief Joseph (aka Joseph II) (1840-1904), Nez Perce. --- In spite of promises made by U.S. authorities, Joseph and his band, in 1878, were sent to a barren reservation in Oklahoma, where many sickened and died. Not until 1885 were he and the remnants of his band permitted to go back to Washington state—but not to the Wallowa Valley. Twice he journeyed to Washington to plead for the return of his people to their beloved valley, once with President Teddy Roosevelt personally. It was in…

--- In spite of…

Chief White Bull, Sitting Bull's cousin-1849. He is thought to be the one who killed General Custer

Chief White Bull, Sitting Bull's He is thought to be the one who killed General Custer

Black Foot, Standing Bear, Big

Black Foot, Standing Bear, Big