Native American Indian mound burials are described on the Missouri River bluffs in Kansas and Nebraska

L-R Stopped With Horses, Human Chief, Horse Sitting In The West, Good Chief, Difficult Chief - Pawnee - 1868

Standing Holy, Sitting Bull's daughter, my hero.

Standing Holy, daughter of Sitting Bull, wearing jewelry, full length :: Photographs - Western History

Mid-1850s daguerreotype - the subject is holding an Iroquois floral-style beaded bag similar to the one on the right.

Historic Iroquois and Wabanaki Beadwork: December 2013 Figure 18 – Real photo postcard of Joseph Nicholas and his wife, Penobscots, selling baskets at the Tercentenary.

Pawnee - Horn People

United States Army Pawnee Scouts: In the late rather than join their fellow tribesmen on reservations, hundreds of Pawnee Indians joined the US Army as scouts and cavalrymen, protecting western settlers agains hostile attacks in the Nebraska Territory.

Rattlesnake (aka George Esaw) with his wife - Pawnee – 1868

Loots-tow-oots or Rattlesnake or George Esaw and his wife - Pawnee, 1868

Nevada 1872.

Pah-Ute (Paiute) Indian group, near Cedar, Utah, in 1872 In Focus - The American West, 150 Years Ago - The Atlantic


A tipi (also teepee, or tepee) is a tent-like lodging made of animal skins or birch bark and used by American Indians of the Great Plains. Native Americans from other places lived in different types of.